Best Country For Dental Implants Turkey or Poland? and Reviews

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a dental procedure that provides the treatment of the teeth of patients with missing tooth problems.Dental implants are treated by placing titanium screws on the jawbone in the area with missing teeth. Implants placed in the jawbone ensure that the dental prosthesis is fixed to the implant. For this reason, they are quite, robust treatments. It can be used for a lifetime. It is more advantageous for patients to prefer implants instead of insertable and removable prostheses. In this way, you can receive treatments that do not cause discomfort while eating or talking.

Why Do People Travel From Poland To Turkey For Dental Implants?

Affordable Treatments: Prices in Poland are quite high, although not as much as in England. This requires patients to choose a more affordable country to receive treatment.
Advanced Technology used in medicine: Unfortunately, technology in the medical field is not used well enough in Poland. This can lead to poor results of treatments such as dental implants. E.g; The fact that the devices used in the laboratory do not have enough technology will provide teeth that are not suitable for the patient’s dental measurements. This will cause the patient to feel uncomfortable throughout his life.
Quality Treatment:
In addition to the insufficient use of technology, it is necessary to wait a long time in Poland. Since it is difficult to reach a specialist doctor, there is a long waiting period, whether in private hospitals or public hospitals. This reduces the likelihood of quality treatment. How successful can treatments that are not taken on time be?
Dental Holiday:
People come to Turkey for reasons called dental holidays. Turkey’s natural beauties and history fascinate many tourists. This causes patients to want to take a vacation during treatment. Appropriate expenses also make this holiday advantageous.
Guaranteed Treatments:
Patients who receive dental implants in Turkey have a lifetime dental guarantee. The received implants, certificates and the invoice of the procedure guarantee the treatment received by the patient throughout his life. If the patient has any problems with the treatment he or she receives, the clinic will likely treat the patient at all costs.
Abundance of Options:
Unfortunately, in Poland you have to choose which doctor you can get the earliest treatment from. However, you can choose the doctor you want for treatment in Turkey at any time. Having many successful doctors makes the options plentiful. This allows the patient to find the right doctor for him.

Why is Country Selection Important for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are permanent treatments. For this reason, the preferred country is very important. Receiving successful treatments is important for a long time. Unsuccessful treatments can cause you to experience painful processes. This shows the importance of good country selection. For country selection, patients sometimes prefer only countries that offer affordable treatment. But the important thing is not only affordable price, but quality treatments.

Turkey is one of the countries where you can find both.
In Poland, it provides only inexpensive treatments. In fact, expensive treatments compared to Turkey, cheap compared to the world.

  • The reasons for the quality of the treatments you will receive;
  • Infection is possible.
  • There are implants that do not fit properly.
  • It is possible to experience permanent hot and cold sensitivity in the teeth.

These complications require new treatments that will be very painful for the patient. Patients with these symptoms should take care to receive good treatments while receiving treatment. Otherwise, a painful new treatment will be waiting for you.

Health Care In Poland

Poland’s healthcare system has been experiencing problems for a long time. Polish people receive treatment in other countries because they do not receive good service in their own country. Some of the health system problems are as follows;

  • It is very difficult to reach a specialist doctor. It is very difficult to find a specialist doctor in both public hospitals and private hospitals and clinics.
  • In any serious illness or accident, the death rate is very high. Treatments end badly because they do not have access to modern medical drugs.
  • Not being able to reach any information digitally in the medical field is also very bad. Treatments taken without adequate knowledge of the patient’s past diseases, allergies and treatments result in poor results.
  • For example, if a patient is allergic to penicillin, if the patient does not inform the doctor, the doctor cannot see it in any digital environment. This means a dangerous health system.

Is It Risky To Get Dental Implants In Poland?

Unfortunately, yes. A patient who wants to be treated in Poland must take into account some conditions. The fact that it is difficult to reach a specialist doctor means that there are many patients waiting in line. Whether in a private clinic or a public hospital, the waiting time is quite long. Patients should take turns weeks in advance. On the other hand, there is no access to adequate medical drugs. This means that in case of any complications that may occur during implant treatment, the patient cannot receive drug therapy. This makes it risky to be treated in Poland.

Dental Implant In Turkey

Turkey is a very well-equipped and successful country that has made a name for itself in health tourism. The country hosts tens of thousands of dental patients every year. The success rate is higher. Turkish doctors treat dozens of foreign patients every day. This means that doctors are experienced in treating tourists. Thus, there is no lack of communication between the patient and the doctor and the treatment takes place easily. On the other hand, state-of-the-art devices are used in clinics in Turkey. Implants used in clinics are original and certified products. As in many countries, counterfeit products are never used. The certificates of the products used can be provided to the patient.

Is It Risky To Get A Dental Implant In Turkey?

No way. Turkey is one of the few countries where you can safely get implant treatment. Unsuccessful implant results are almost nonexistent in Turkey. Patients always return home satisfied. First, let’s look at what are necessary for successful treatment.

  • A well-equipped clinic: Clinics in Turkey work with state-of-the-art devices. The products used in both laboratories and clinics help them to offer you the most accurate treatment.
  • Experienced and successful specialist: Turkish physicians go a long way until they become experts in their field. After many experiences, they can become experts. At the same time, they not only gain experience with the patients they treat, but also have knowledge about other patients by participating in many seminars and conferences.
  • Original products: The most important feature is that the implants used in the clinics are original. No matter how good the treatment with a non-original product is, it will fail. The implant will definitely create a problem and cause pain to the patient.
  • Treatment in a hygienic environment: A hygienic environment is a necessity not only for dental but also for any medical treatment. The infection and ion rate of the treatments taken in unhygienic environments will be quite high. This means an unsuccessful treatment.

Why should I be Treated in Turkey?

Turkey’s health system is highly developed. Advanced technology devices are used in medicine. At the same time, the patient’s health history can be viewed down to the last detail in the digital environment. Thanks to the devices used in laboratories, prostheses can be prepared in the most appropriate way to the measurements taken. By using Volumetric Tomography technology and Computer Aided Implant systems at the same time, the most appropriate treatment is provided for the patient. This is a very important point so that the patient does not have any problems in the long run. On the other hand, doctors in Turkey are used to working with foreign patients. You will not have communication problems. You will get successful treatment results by completing your treatment in the most comfortable way.

Reviews of Patients Getting Dental Implants in Turkey

Of course there are very good doctors in my country, but you have to wait almost a month! That’s why I was looking for treatment in another country and I found Turkey. There are very good doctors and they are very interested. I had 3 teeth done and I am very happy with the result.
I had an accident while on vacation in Turkey. I slipped in the pool and broke my tooth. I went to the first clinic I found in pain. I have been treated. They fixed my broken tooth. They offered to repair my missing tooth for a long time. It was made quite cheaply and I am very happy with the results. Turkish doctors are successful.
While my son (4 years old) was on vacation in Turkey, he fell out and had a loose tooth. However, we still took him to a clinic to be sure of everything. Prices are very reasonable. My wife also had a problem tooth for a long time. When I asked the doctor, they gave a pretty good price. He had implants made. And do you believe? My son’s tooth and my wife’s implant cost 300 euros! You can definitely choose this place to get successful treatments very cheaply.