Dental Implants 10 European Countries VS Turkey, Which is the Cheapest ?

Why Should I Prefer Abroad for Dental Implants?

Teeth take up quite a lot of space on a Human’s face. When you look at a person, the first thing that draws attention is definitely the teeth. For this reason, it is very important that the teeth look healthy and well-groomed. However, in some cases, unwanted stains, fractures, cracks and tooth loss require treatment. In such cases, sometimes the person cannot afford enough money in his own country, and sometimes he do not want to spend it from his savings. In such cases, the best solution is to seek treatment in more affordable countries.

Why is Country Selection Important?

Implants are very important treatments. It is very important to get successful and good treatment. In cases where it fails, a very difficult process awaits you. It is important to make good choices to avoid a painful and expensive process. The importance of country selection is that it makes it possible to receive affordable and quality treatments. A country should not be chosen only for quality treatments or only for cheap treatments. It is very important to prefer treatments that combine both. You should not risk your health to get affordable treatments. At the same time, you should not spend thousands of euros to get healthy treatments. It is possible to do both by following the right path.

Dental Implants In Germany

Having a dental implant in Germany may be a good choice.
It can make it possible for you to get quality dental treatment. However, there is a big problem that they give this treatment at very high prices. One of the first reasons to travel for dental treatments is to seek affordable treatment. Unfortunately, he can’t afford it. An average examination fee of 100 Euros is charged for each appointment. Besides the treatment, he wants hundreds more for tests at the hospital. This comes to almost 4000 Euros. In cases where grafts are required for the required implant, this price will be much higher.

Dental Implants in Netherlands

Getting dental implants in the Netherlands is not preferred for many patients. Some patients, who live only in the Netherlands, receive dental treatment from the Netherlands. This is because it asks for very, very high prices. An extra fee is charged for each procedure during the implant treatment. Dental treatments are applied for commercial purposes, not for health purposes. It is inevitable that you will pay costs up to 6000 euros on average.

Dental Implants In Belgium

It is possible to get affordable treatments in Belgium. However, there is a problem with communication. There are 3 languages used by the Belgian people. German, French and Dutch. The number of people who speak English is less than in many countries. It will be difficult for you to come to terms with a common language. This communication problem can lead to wrong treatments. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful. At the same time, it is a mystery whether dentists provide quality treatment. Implant costs in Belgium are around 1200 euros.

Dental Implants In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not a preferred country for dental treatments. Finding quality treatment takes some research. You should pay attention to the originality of each product used, cheap prices should not attract you. Average Price is 2000 euro. At the same time, after the treatment, in case of a problem, they charge extra fees for the examination fees and the procedures required for the new treatment. This shows how important it is to receive quality treatments.

Dental Implants In Croatia

Croatia is one of the other countries that are not preferred for dental treatments. It is one of the other countries where it is not easy to find quality implants. Dental implants are quite inexpensive. Around 1000 euros on average. In case of bone graft it is an extra 150 euro. These prices, which are quite affordable, are only implant prices. Quality implants are not prices. As long as you find quality implants, prices will be higher than the average nationwide. This would make traveling for dental implants pointless.

Dental Implants in Spain

Spain is one of the preferred countries for dental treatments. Prices are also reasonable in some areas. However, in some areas it is quite high. It requires you to search for treatments that are both affordable and of good quality. Average dental implant prices in Spain are around 3000 euros. There are countries where you can get more affordable treatments of the same quality. Citizens in some countries prefer Spain because of its proximity. However, there is no high savings. At the same time, as in many countries, post-treatment examinations are paid.

Dental Implants In Hungary

Hungary is a highly preferred destination. However, prices do not provide much savings compared to other countries. especially in treatments such as implants, while it is possible to make significant savings. It is not very advantageous to receive treatment with lower savings in Hungary. At the same time, as in other countries, unfortunately, it does not offer guaranteed treatments. Consultations and treatments are very costly if a problem arises. Implant costs in Hungary are around 800 euros.

Dental Implants India

As is known, India is an unhygienic country. The people of the country live in very bad conditions without giving importance to hygiene. It is a mystery how accurate it is to receive implant treatment in such a country. Average cost in India starts from 600 Euros. Pretty cheap for a country of uncertain quality. How successful can treatment be in an unhygienic country? Just because it’s cheap isn’t a good reason to choose it.

Dental Implants Poland

Poland is a highly preferred location for dental treatments. It is also possible to receive quality treatments. However, it does not make traveling for dental treatment an advantage. It is possible to get more affordable treatments with very high quality treatments in a different preferred country. At the same time, it is important to receive treatment in a location where you can communicate, in order to receive the right treatments. Average dental implant prices in Poland start around 700 euros.

Dental Implants in Romania

Getting implants in Romania is on average the same price as in other countries. It makes traveling meaningless for dental treatment. Of course it is much cheaper than in the UK. However, it does not provide much advantage compared to countries where affordable treatment can be obtained. This means that it should not be preferred. The cost of implants in Romania is around 600 euros.

Dental Implants In Turkey

Turkey is the country that provides the most advantage compared to other countries. In addition to dental implant prices, it allows you to meet even the needs such as accommodation, transportation and nutrition very cheaply. This makes it the most advantageous country if preferred. Turkey does not incur multiple hidden costs, as in other countries, and offers highly successful and guaranteed treatments for a single price. It provides free consultation and treatment services for any problem experienced after treatment. This proves that it is an advantageous choice compared to other countries.

Advantages of Getting Implants in Turkey

Affordable TreatmentThe cost of living throughout the country is very cheap and the exchange rate is quite high. Thus the treatments are quite cheap.
Guaranteed treatmentIt provides guarantees in many clinical treatments in Turkey. If you have any problems with the treatments you receive, they offer a new treatment service for free.
Treatment with Certified ProductsIt is very important that the products used in implant treatments are original. Turkey provides patients with documents and certificates proving that the products used are original.
Successful TreatmentThe original of the implants used and the latest technology devices used during the treatment greatly increase the success rate of the treatments.
The Cheapness of Non-Therapeutic NeedsThe low cost of living and the high exchange rate make other needs very cheap. At the same time, by choosing package services, you can cover all your treatment costs at a single price.
Treatment with Experienced DoctorsDoctors are experienced and most successful doctors in their field. Being a very preferred location for health tourism also means that the Doctors are experienced in giving treatment to foreign patients.
Quality TreatmentsExperience, Hygiene, Original products, Reasonable prices and State-of-the-art devices ensure quality treatments.

What Should I Do To Get Treatment in Turkey?

To be treated in Turkey, you can find a clinic online and make an appointment at a convenient time. You can make your flight ticket and hotel reservations according to this appointment date. Or by choosing us, you can buy your flight ticket on the day and time you want and make an easy treatment appointment by taking advantage of free hotel accommodation and airport transfer services.

Average Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

Average prices in Turkey vary. In general, it is around 350 euros. However, we provide service with our special campaign price for the New Year. Our single dental implant is only 290 euros.

CountriesPricesQuality Guaranteed
Germany 4000 euros Some Clinics
Netherlands 6000 euros Some Clinics
Belgium 1200 euros x x
Bulgaria 2000 euros Some Clinic
Croatia 1000 euros x x
Spain 3000 euros Some Clinics
Hungary 800 euros x x
India 600 euros x x
Poland 700 euros x x
Romania 600 euros x x
Turkey290 euros