How Much Do Dental implants Cost

Dental implants cost may differ in each country. Living conditions in countries affect this price. For example, you can cover the expenses of an entire dental clinic in Turkey for a doctor’s salary in the UK.

You will understand this more clearly when we tell you that salaries are 300 pounds in Turkey.

That’s why dental implants Turkey cost are extremely affordable.

We will give an example of the prices for dental implants cost in Turkey and the United Kingdom.

How Much Do Dental implants Cost

Initial detailed consultation- £80 (which will be free in Turkey)

Single implant cost – from £2450 (which is £245 (€285) in Turkey)

Is it risky to have dental implants in Turkey?

Millions of tourists come to Turkey every year. It is an extremely beautiful country with its nature, history, sea and sun. It is also a very successful country in dental treatments. That’s why there are bad news about Turkey in England. British dental clinics are doing their best to spread the news. If it is considered that hundreds of thousands of British citizens come to Turkey for dental treatments every year, this is understandable.

However, your risk is not higher than a dental treatment you will be in the UK. Considering that you will pay 4-5 times more money in England for the same risk, Turkey is a very logical choice.